How Steaming Camel Dung Contributed to Reversing Diabetes

Published: 06th December 2008
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How Steamy Camel Dung Contributed to Reversing Diabetes

Beating Diabetes Without Meds

Early in the 1940's, when German armies occupied areas of North Africa, Dysentery threatened to defeat the mighty Army. Thousands of soldiers were dying in the fields, victims of. the disease. Hitler ordered a team of scientists to the region to study the problem. One of the first questions they sought answers to, was why are the people that live there not suffering from Dysentery? What they learned has changed medicine forever.

When locals felt the symptoms of Dysentery coming on, they simply followed a camel around until it dropped a steaming fresh camel apple (dung). Then they promptly picked it up... and ate it. End of problem. Needless to say, the scientists were faced with a dilemma. What were their options? Obviously, they couldn't feed fresh camel dung to all of their troops. There were simply not enough camels in Africa to produce that much dung. Not to mention, the soldiers probably would not eat it, even though it probably tasted better than army rations. Besides, how would you keep it fresh?

So, they decided that they needed to find out what was in steaming camel dung, that could prevent the onslaught of disease. To this day, Arabs will comment on how rude the German scientists were, butting in the front of the line of Arabs following camels, and then...they didn't even eat it! But, they did collect it and rush to tent laboratories to study it. What they discovered not only saved their army, but taught us about beneficial bacteria, and how it works in the gastrointestinal tract. The foundation of the immune system.

The German scientists isolated several of, what now is believed to be trillions, of organisms in our digestive tract. "Beneficial bacteria" or " flora." They learned that not only did the beneficial bacteria help digest food and absorb nutrients, they also played important roles in preventing human pathogens from multiplying and killing us. They also manufacture vital enzymes used by the body for numerous functions, as well as to manufacture some vitamins. Quite literally, our body (our lives) depend on the beneficial bacteria for many vital functions. The foundation of the body's immune system is dependent upon it. So, how can this contribute to reversing the symptoms of diabetes?

Diabetics are dangerously deficient in five vital nutrients. Even if their bodies are given those deficient substances, their body has a reduced capacity to absorb them. That's called a "Double Whammy." So, it is very important for diabetics to perform serious maintenance on their colon. They must remove toxins and dead matter that has accumulated over the years; they must restore the correct types of beneficial bacteria; they must feed the beneficial bacteria to strengthen the immune system and improve nutrient absorption; and finally, rebuild the nutrient deficiencies to allow the body to repair diabetic damage. All that without eating camel dung. The local zoo's frown on us climbing the fences. Besides, it is dangerous, because people throw food at you.

If you would like to learn more, go to Hundreds upon hundreds of hours of research have been compiled into one document. Learn about other crucial topics central to diabetes including inflammation, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, essential fatty acids, cholesterol, glycemic load, phytonutrients and starches. We can stop the progression of damage caused by diabetes - and stamp out paranoia in camels. Camels will finally be free of the feeling that people are following them.

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